5 Reasons Millennials are a Tremendous Asset to your Workplace

  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials will be the largest generation in the workforce in 2015.  Marketing-wise, they are said to be the most studied group in recorded history. Perhaps Gen X is giving them a run for their money, but for now it’s all about millennials. This latest study found that when Keep Reading ..

Beginners Guide to Staffing Agencies – How to Get a Temp Job, a Raise & a Full-Time Job

So, you’re looking for a job, but don’t know where to start. Try a staffing agency. REALLY. Statistics prove that people out of work or just starting their careers are using staffing agencies more than ever. According to the American Staffing Association’s 2014 Staffing Survey, 90% of people say that temporary or contract work made Keep Reading ..

5 Common Interview Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners have a lot on their minds. Your small business is like your baby. It needs attention non-stop, even-handedness when things go awry, and vision to help it grow. So when the demand gets too big to handle alone, you realize you’ve forgotten one thing: Your team. Yes, you’ve been so busy with the nuts Keep Reading ..

The Rise of Freelance Jobs and Their Impact on Labor

It wasn’t that long ago that your career use to be tied to one company until retirement, but today’s workforce has vastly changed. It’s not uncommon to switch companies or jobs every few years, an occurrence that doesn’t phase HR recruiters when they see a resume in their inbox. Labor patterns are changing even more Keep Reading ..