Employee Marketing: Is it HR’s Job?

  As one marketer said, if someone could bottle the answer to that question, they’d be sitting on bookoo bucks right about now. Still, marketing internally is important for creating a corporate culture that facilitates an increase in values that will in turn increase a company’s brand value.

Top 5 Careers That Are Hiring Like Crazy

As the New Year approaches,  people tend to get a bit more introspective about their life choices. One example of this is choice of career.  According to a recent survey released in 2014, the majority of Americans—52.3%— are unhappy at work. If you’re like many,  you hate your current job and/occupation and secretly fantasize about “running Keep Reading ..

Managing Workplace Romance for HR

Workplace romance may make for good drama on tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy, but in real life it can be problematic for everyone involved. “People tend to look at workplace romance as a kind of fluffy topic, but for organizations, they’re taking them more seriously,” said Evren Esen, manager of SHRM’s Survey Research Center.

10 Careers That Offer The Best Work-Life Balance

  Work-Life Balance can be summed up in one word: Flexibility. Let’s be clear: no job is perfect. Whatever you do for a living will require the capability to draw the line between work and play (Even IF you love what you do)… Nevertheless, Work-Life Balance is the key ingredient to a happy, healthy career. Keep Reading ..

Obamacare and Staffing – 5 Things To Know in 2015

Healthcare has seen many changes in the past few years. With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (also known as the Health Care Law or Obamacare) on March 23, 2010,  every income-earning individual currently with or without health insurance has since been required to sign up for an Affordable Care Act (ACA) approved health Keep Reading ..

5 Things Hiring Managers Notice About Your Resume at First Glance

  We all know that a well-written resume is the way to go when applying for jobs.  Every day,  all across the world,  job seekers email resumes to what seems like thousands of companies along with a litany of other applicants. And aside from getting a response from the recruiter, never get to see what’s happening Keep Reading ..

The LinkedIn “Tech-Effect” on Today’s Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Sometimes HR recruiters say the darndest things.  Liz Ryan, the head of HR for U.S. Robotics says: “When the energy is good in your company, people want to work for you. You don’t have to run job ads. You don’t have to beat the bushes to find candidates. They show up at your door!” Liz—like Keep Reading ..

5 Reasons Millennials are a Tremendous Asset to your Workplace

  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials will be the largest generation in the workforce in 2015.  Marketing-wise, they are said to be the most studied group in recorded history. Perhaps Gen X is giving them a run for their money, but for now it’s all about millennials. This latest study found that when Keep Reading ..

5 Common Interview Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners have a lot on their minds. Your small business is like your baby. It needs attention non-stop, even-handedness when things go awry, and vision to help it grow. So when the demand gets too big to handle alone, you realize you’ve forgotten one thing: Your team. Yes, you’ve been so busy with the nuts Keep Reading ..