Beginners Guide to Staffing Agencies – How to Get a Temp Job, a Raise & a Full-Time Job


So, you’re looking for a job, but don’t know where to start.

Try a staffing agency. REALLY.

Statistics prove that people out of work or just starting their careers are using staffing agencies more than ever.

According to the American Staffing Association’s 2014 Staffing Survey, 90% of people say that temporary or contract work made them more employable. Negative assumptions about looking for a job with staffing agencies no longer exist.

So, don’t hesitate — GO FOR IT!

If you’re a newbie to staffing agencies, check out our beginners guide to get the the job and money you want.

Ultimate Guide to Using a Staffing Agency to Get a Job and a Raise

1. Find the right agency

It can make your head explode at how many staffing agencies exist. How do you know which is the right one?

It’s simple. Try googling. Doing a broad search in your area is a good start or be more specific, “New York recruiters that specialize in tech” is another way to find a staffing agency.

This is where your list begins. Start narrowing down a staffing agency by the active jobs and if they appeal to you, you’re on the right track.

Now it’s time to make contact. Years ago it was bad form to email an introduction of yourself. But technology changed the whole game.

Most staffing agencies have an online application form where you upload your resume and contact information.

Make a personal phone call to follow up with a recruitment specialist. By that point, they’ll ask you to meet you. Don’t forget to dress appropriately, but most of all, sell your personality and skills well!

2. Connect, connect, connect

Now that you’re on a staffing agency’s radar, it’s time to establish a relationship.

Finding the right job that pays well is about making strong connections.

Keep on touch on social media, by watching a staffing agency’s posts on Twitter or Facebook, for new job listings and ways to connect. This keeps your face and skills on their mind.

Make sure you have a killer Linkedin profile. Use the “Professional Portfolio” feature of Linkedin to add videos, presentations, links, pdf’s, and photos of how dazzling you are. You’ll totally stand out.

3. Adjust your attitude on what a “real job” is

Staffing agencies typically place temporary jobs a majority of the time.

If you assume that temp work is not a “real job”, you’re wrong.

Your attitude is misplaced and will keep you from being successful.


Businesses use staffing agencies because they trust their expertise in sourcing skilled staff. This reason is to your  benefit.

Temp jobs allow you to try out a position before you commit to a company, sharpen and broaden your skills, and network to the MAX.

Making a great impression might lead to a full-time job in the same company or you’ll get a glowing reference that can help you in the future.

Temp jobs are not the same as 30 years ago either, when you were relegated to a dark corner sorting office mail. You could be working for Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, or even a small or medium sized business on its way up.

4. How to Get a Raise

You’ve found the right staffing agency, made contact, and now you’re getting regular temp work, it might be time to get a raise.

Your rates are set by the staffing agency and paid by the company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a raise.

Many staffing agencies place specific skill sets like tech, IT, healthcare, marketing, and creatives. These professions allow you to set your own rates, which the staffing agency can negotiate for you with a company.

If that’s not the case, remember that a starting position will grow the more you connect and collaborate with a staffing agency.

If you’re doing more clerical or office management, a strong work ethnic and flexibility is key. A proven attitude will be noticed by the staffing agency and they’ll be keen to give you a raise, as well as promote you.

The bottomline: if you plan to ask for a raise, approach the staffing agency, not a company. They are the entity to negotiate for you. Remember to remain professional at all times!

5. How to get a full-time job

Obviously the end goal is for you to get a full-time job.

Most staffing agencies have a department that places people in permanent positions. 

Approach them and express your interest in finding a full-time job. Constantly comb their website and social media profiles for new job listings and inquire on them.

If you love the company you’re temping with, seek out potential opportunities there. If they love you back, chances are they’ll try to keep you!

REMEMBER: “full-time” is a revolving term. You may not find a job that lasts a lifetime, but you can find a career that’s fulfilling and long-term.

6.  Use Apps & Recruiting Sites

Online recruiting apps and sites are on the rise. Take advantage of this easy-to-use technology.

Sites like and our app, Boon, are examples of staffing resources that are solely there to help you — the job seeker.

You can start a profile, connect with a recruiter, and find a job immediately, all without leaving the house. (And lounging in your underwear!)


With technology at your fingertips, a charismatic personality, and a great attitude, we guarantee that you can find the job of your dreams with a staffing agency.

We hope our guide helps you get there!

Have you considered using a staffing agency to find a job? If not, why not? Share with us in the comments!

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