Top 5 Careers That Are Hiring Like Crazy


As the New Year approaches,  people tend to get a bit more introspective about their life choices. One example of this is choice of career.  According to a recent survey released in 2014, the majority of Americans—52.3%— are unhappy at work. If you’re like many,  you hate your current job and/occupation and secretly fantasize about “running away” with another employer. Or you may feel cynical or even hopeless that your dream job is out there. (Or even just a better job)

If you can relate, keep reading.

With the year coming to a close, it helps to take a pulse on what careers are hot and have phenomenal things to offer. These aren’t your same old jobs with medical and dental. These careers are dynamic with plenty of advancement and growing faster than they can keep up with. This explosive growth results in a desperate need of new talent. Which leads us to…

5 Careers that are hiring like crazy


Career #1: Startup Team Member.


Startups are everywhere these days. Although most of us have heard that 50% of all new business fail within five years, there’s a bright side. According to the 2015 Kauffman Index, Startup Activity bounced upward in 32 of the 50 U.S. states last year, and 18 of the nation’s top 40 metropolitan areas also saw increases in new venture activity.

This means many startups have career potential and are heavily recruiting talent. All jobs have risks nowadays, and with millennials, Gen Xers and Gen Y’s typically switching jobs several times over throughout their lifetime, a startup is a good option. Startups are generally seeking software engineers, creative leads, data and analytics engineers, editorial assistants and accountants.

Career #2: Content Creators.

This is more of a solo career but one nonetheless. If you can create fresh, valuable content through social mediums like You Tube, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest and WordPress, then you can make a living out of doing it.

Career #3: Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

If you have a Masters Degree in Psychology, this fast growing career might interest you. With an expected job growth of 53% by 2022, Industrial Organizational Psychologists focus on making the workplace more pleasant for employees. Typically, you work closely with a number of different people. This might include business owners, CEOs, supervisors, and employees.

Career #4: Social Media Manager.

In 2014, there were over 1 Billion users on Facebook and 500 million people on Twitter with about 70 million on Pinterest. Many companies are expanding their marketing budgets. According to American Writers and Artists Inc., an industry leader in writing, graphics design and social media, companies use social media for three reasons:

1. To attract and engage new prospects.
2. To turn followers into buyers.
3. To service current customers.

Companies are still new to online marketing, especially social media. With the digital audience growing every day, they need your help.

Career #5: Content Managers.

With the internet booming, many companies are getting into email marketing to engage online customers. This breeds the need for content managers to, well, manage their content.

Content managers are also called social media managers or community managers. But what they do goes way beyond managing social media. Anything that gets shared or communicated relating to a business online is considered content.

They might be asked to create and/or distribute original blog content, newsletters/email marketing campaigns and information products—as well as oversee the creative team. Content Managers also operate content marketing software scaled to the size of the companies, like this one. The need for digital content is set to multiply in the decades to come, so this career is one that’s hiring like gangbusters and could use your skills.


Did we miss anything? Let us know. Tip: Contact your local Staffing Company to see if they have any leads on hot careers for 2016. Or ask us how we can help you land your next cool job or hire your next cool applicant today.

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